Monday, February 16, 2009

A Bad Idea? ABI = TIME

I've been asked, "Does ABI save time?" No way. At best, it is a trade-off. Grading papers and entering grades is painless. There is no haggling over points on grades. Soooo -- that saves time and trouble.

However --

It absolutely takes more time to chase kids into staying with me after school. It absolutely takes more time to review work multiple times. Entering failing marks would be a lot easier than keeping track of who needs remedial homework and who needs a to submit a rewrite. The paperwork is a pain, no doubt about it. Not hard, but endless.

For me, the question is – do the students learn more with ABI grading, or with failing grades? That’s a no-brainer. The ABI paper-chase is worth the effort for me.


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