Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whole Brain / Power Teaching, week one ... and ... my baby, she wrote me a letter

I teach in a school with a reputation for having a fairly jaded population. Maybe I should not have asked for hand-motions day one, when the kids were still trying to impress one another, size one another up, show off their back-to-school duds. There was no outright mutiny, but there were a lot holding back. No matter. The kids who loved it, loved it. The rest will come along.

I loved the idea of WBT, but really got the courage to give it a try when I watched the video clips on the site. I confess -- I'd love to show the *kids* the clips so they can see how crisp Teach-Okay is supposed to work!

Moving on ...

My tradition has been to write a letter to all the kids about me, asking for a letter about them in return. The kids did a great job pair-reading my letter and questioning-around. Tomorrow, I will collect their letters -- they rarely let me down -- and then read them on the beach over Labor Day weekend! The killer is, I write personal letters back to each child. This is just about all I do over Labor Day, but the pay-off is huge. Can't wait to start!

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