Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week Two: Too Much New!

Half-way through week two, and I am on a roller-coaster.

Academically -- we are on point. We are further ahead than usual, largely because I cut back on many introductory mini-lessons. I am spending lots of time with new teachers, which helps me make sure I am planning further ahead and keeping lessons strong.

Procedurally -- Oh, I wish I could skip ahead two weeks! We are still learning the new habit of passing and collecting classwork folders. I still have students who have not yet selected an independent reading novel ... and I have students who are on their second! We have not begun using reading logs yet. I have to remember that I swapped reading time from the start to the end of class -- and leave room for it! As a team, we have not yet distributed the out-of-room request passes. I love order ... and hate this messiness.

Power Teaching (CBiffle) -- Class rules with hand-motions are almost cemented in. Some kids still too cool, but I am not sweating them, as long as they cooperate. Teach-Okay working well with most classes now, although some kids give me an "okay" with great gusto ... and return to talking! Time to introduce the Keep The Scorekeeper Happy game.

Raise Responsibility (MMarshall) -- We've had lessons, discussions, posters ... by now, the kids know the deal. The thing is - I don't! I find that I am not towing the line. I need to practice, practice, practice ASKing about behavior. I'll get there. Lots of new ideas this year ... I can make it work!

And I still need to begin CLASS MEETINGS. Next week. I am very afraid. Still, I am convinced the effort will pay off.

Too much new!!!!!!!!!!

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