Thursday, October 15, 2009

Idea for ELA/Reading teachers

Reading comprehension test today. Reading passage, multiple choice questions, open response (essay) answer.

I asked the kids to read, answer m/c, and ORGANIZE IDEAS ONLY for the open response.

By now, 3/4 of my kids have the hang of writing a solid response from an organizer. The real test is, the real work is, can they read carefully and pull out the best answers and examples before they begin writing?

Alas, many could not. But ... we've only just begun.

Tomorrow they will be told how many multiple choice are wrong, but not which. They need to become responsible for checking their own work.

They hate this. They think I want an answer circled on a page, when what I want is a thought process that arrives at the answer! The pair/group work does help, as does a little competition (which group will get the answers first? team Fabulous? team Amazing? team Ralph?).

And, of course, they will eventually write those open responses. But -- not before they determine, in pairs or small groups (depending on the class), that their ideas are solid.

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